You can get your hands on the Limited Edition of #ApepesxDudes first ever merch drop. 

What will you get?

Well, it's a pack of fro' family, we want you to be fro' fashionable in different ways, and this pack contains a premium t-shirt, a hoodie, and a cap, all in a special custom made Apepe box.

The quality is mind-blowing, and we are proud of the result.

Unfortunately, only human sizes are available for now - check out the t-shirt and hoodie sizes.


Our Apepe Token Holders enjoyed an exclusive access period - but you are still in luck! Packs are available for general public (no NFT needed) - although you get very juicy discounts if you are an Apepe holder. Sorry not sorry.

Multiple Packs? One Token Each: Each token grants the right to order one pack. Have several tokens? You're in luck! Use them to order multiple packs - up to 10. NOTE! All packs ordered together will be for the same sizing choice, if you want different sizes please indicate it in the order comment box or reach out to our support team

Redeem Checker: Use the redeem checker to see if the token of your interest got used already to order a pack.

Snapshot-Based Access: The Apepe Loot collection is using a snapshot and holders as of 11PM EST 19th Nov can access the pack - one pack per wallet address from the date of the snapshot.

Complete Your Transaction: Once you select the NFT to use your discount, that token cannot be used anymore even if they have not completed the transaction- so make sure you go in ready to buy!

Your Apepe will get you the discounted pack but it MUST complete the transaction in the same session.

Zombie Apepe Redemption Checker

Zombie Apepe Redemption Checker

... What the *fr0g* is all this?

You mean other than our exquisite garments?

🐸 We are Rare Apepes, an NFT project from Rare Labs. 🐸

We have built a frogtastic community that has established itself as fun, simple, and perseverant fam, standing together through bear and bull. Life is a meme for us, and our Apepes are unleashing the power of humour and unity throughout the NFT world.

Our Toadmap represents our APEPES world. Now, the time has come to release our first merch drop - a promise and a dream come true for all inhabitants of the Apepeverse.

You have to check the prices of our merch, and if you are not part of our fro family - ehm... you are seriously missing out... Have you seen our discounts?

Just jump aboard and enjoy these banging discounts:


A Creative Powerhouse

We're longtime fans of McBess and The Dudes clothing label, so we’re very excited to merge both worlds with this special merch drop you are about to discover 🐸

A legacy of success: The previous merch collaborations with the likes of TheLonelyIsland and BoredApeYachtClub were phenomenal hits. We are now honored to have our first merch collaboration with company that aligns to our artistic, brand & community values.

🐸 Bullish on this drop 🐸

We're all set to make waves with this launch, and can't wait for you to join us in this exciting journey.